Self Propelled Crop Sprayer


  • 5,100 / 5,600 litre Stainless steel tank, with twin front and rear clean water rinse tanks
  • 24 – 42 metre Variable Geometry (V.G) boom
  • John Deere 275 bhp, 6 cylinder turbo diesel
  • Field and road mode, cruise control, all round dynamic braking

RB55 Specification

(dependent on specification)

Height: 3.3 mWheel base: 4.1 m
Width: 2.8 mTurning radius: 5.4 m
Length: 7.7 mWeight: 9340 kg
Ground clearance: 0.96 mFuel capacity: 350 litres


Positive link 2/4-wheel steer, fully hydraulic


Hydraulic fully active front and rear


Hydraulic adjustable axles with variable track width & optional display


John Deere 275 hp 6-cylinder water cooled Turbo-charged diesel
Fully Hydrostatic four wheel drive, variable from 0 up to 50 kph (depending on wheel size)
Hydrostatic and dynamic braking. Parking brake manually operated or automatically applied when the engine is stopped
Three speed motors for field mode and road mode
Cruise control


Steel construction, with panoramic tinted glass
Dynamic suspension
Cladded and soundproofed
CAT 4 carbon filtration
Automatic climate control system
DAB radio/DVD player with 6″ LCD touch screen, including Bluetooth phone system and MP3/USB connectivity
Roof mounted 360 degrees working lights, and warning beacon
Wash wipe windscreen wiper – 3 speeds including intermittent wipe
Large extendable wing mirrors
Fresh water hand/eye wash
Pneumatically operated step
Air suspension seat with fore and aft movement
Raise, lower and tilting steering column
External airline pickup point
Rear view full colour camera


Tank, Stainless steel
– 5100 / 5600 litres fully baffled, tank contents gauge with dry indicator.
– Built in twin clean water rinse tanks
– Bateman (V.G) Variable Geometry Contour up to 42 m
– V.G boom options
– 12/20/24 m
– 12/24/ to either 28-30-32 or 36 m
– 14/28/ to either 40 or 42 m
– Other variations are available
– 6 cylinder 400 litre/min pump
– Stainless steel 30 litre chemical hopper, dual can wash and bowl rinse, with twin venturi
– Self-fill or bowser quick fill
– (GPS enabled) Agleader Compass
– Electric tapping system giving in-cab control of tank and sprayline rinse
– Auto priming system
– Pneumatic diaphragm line valves
– Ramsay box
– Triplet nozzles
– Full set of demount legs and jacks


Row crops
18.4/R30 (480/70 R30) or 16.9/R34 (420/85 R34)


Joystick command arm forward/reverse and sprayline controls
Electro-hydraulic spray pump and boom controls


Twinline with multi-jet options
Spreader skid unit, mudguards and demount jacks
Automatic section control
Low ground pressure tyres
Boom height control
Twin spray pumps
Electric heated & controlled mirrors
Capstan AG Pinpoint II blended pulse modulation system

Take a video tour around our RB55 Crop Sprayer

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