The innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayer from Agrifac

Since January 2020, a brand new generation of Condor sprayers has been rolling off the production line at Agrifac. In addition to a new appearance, this Condor V series is equipped with a stage 5 engine. This engine ensures less CO2 emissions.
“Agrifac is established at the forefront when it comes to innovations and sustainability. We want to ensure we can provide safe and sufficient food and energy for future generations. The most innovative sprayers in the world are developed and assembled in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands; built according to the NEED Farming concept, whereby crop protection can be provided per plant. ”

Every Drop Hits The Right Spot, that’s what it’s all about! Since its introduction in 1986, the Agrifac Condor has stood for stability, precision, durability, and convenience. The unrivaled StabiloPlus chassis in conjunction with the BalancePlus system make the Condor the most stable sprayer in the world.

Capacity, precision, and stability are guaranteed by the strongest and widest booms. This unique J-Boom is available in widths from 24 to 54 meters wide.

The compact pump system allows  optimum use of water and spray. This GreenFlowPlus system is under constant pressure so that there is no difference in spraying, meaning 99.99% of the liquid is sprayed, with residual liquid remaining in the tank. It ensures that every drop falls in the right place!
The Condor’s highly acclaimed operating system is located in the ergonomic and extremely comfortable cabin. The EcoTronicPlus is understandable, user-friendly, and gives you all important information while spraying. At a glance, the sprayer’s processes and indicators are immediately visible. Most functions can be set to run automatically. We call this “Brilliant Simple”!

Condor: optimal crop protection

The Condor comes in various specifications for Farmers and can be specially tailored to specific crops. Variation in track widths, hilly terrain , or higher ground clearance is also an option so that the crop can be cared for longer and more often; it’s all possible with the Condor self-propelled sprayers. Be inspired and contact our specialists for more information  without obligation

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