Mounted Sprayers

A NEW Alu-light rear folding boom (24 metre = 400 kg) is now available for the Rear Fold Mounted sprayer. Contact us for more details.

Landquip’s Alu-light booms lend themselves to a mounted sprayer. The aluminium boom makes the sprayer lighter, therefore, reducing the lift capacity and size of the tractor required. The weight saving from the boom also provides good weight distribution, especially when used in combination with a Landquip Vision front tank.

Landquip offers two different mounted sprayers – the Cropmaster and the Rear Fold Mounted. The Cropmaster has a traditional forward folding ‘gullwing’ boom which folds alongside the tractor cab for transport. The Rear Fold Mounted has a rear narrow 2.5 metre fold boom which folds in behind the tank for quick, easy on road transportation. The rear folding boom configuration enables tractors with large/wide cabs to be considered as a sprayer tractor.

Precision Agriculture

All Landquip mounted sprayers are offered with options that include:-

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