NSTS Testing

CT Scott Ltd has recently been recognised as a National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) Sprayer Test Centre.

Comprehensive servicing and certification for all types of spray equipment can be carried out by CT Scott Ltd Team at our service workshop to ensure sprayers comply with future legislative requirements.

“From November 2016 it will be mandatory that all self-propelled and vehicle mounted spraying equipment will require an NSTS Test Certificate to satisfy the sprayer testing requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive.

Think of this as a “Sprayer MOT” which must be carried out by an approved Test Centre,” says Craig Scott, Director at CT Scott Ltd. The NSTS test consists of 47 test elements, designed to assess all major components of a sprayer from hoses to chemical induction systems.

The first 30 elements must be satisfied to receive a pass certificate. The subsequent 10 are advisory and the final 7 are optional. Test prices depend on the size of sprayer, however a well serviced and maintained sprayer can often save you more than the cost of the NSTS test.

With the test optimising your sprayer’s calibration you can feel confident in using expensive chemicals in the most efficient and responsible manner, and ensure that it is applying chemicals exactly where they are needed and at the appropriate droplet size.

In addition, as with any well maintained piece of equipment the risk of breakdown during the operating season is significantly reduced as potential failures are much more likely to be spotted during the testing process and then rectified proactively.

If you wish to ensure your equipment is working reliably and efficiently with further safety benefits for the spray operator and the environment, contact Craig Scott on 07833 138790 to arrange your NSTS test.

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